Differences of CBD Tincture Oil Day and Tincture Oil Night

Published: 22/07/2020
Differences of CBD Tincture Oil Day and Tincture Oil Night

Beloved friends, you asked to know more about the main differences between CBD Tincture Oil Day and Tincture Oil Night. We will do it right now, but first, let's look at the commonalities of these products:

  • NON-GMO, 100% organic;
  • ingredients: high-quality broad-spectrum CBD + 0.2% THC + terpenes + MCT oil;
  • Made in California, USA.

Now talk about why we recommend using tincture oil Day in the morning, while tincture oil Night is an excellent solution before going to bed. The thing is, in these CBD products, we add different terpenes, and this is their main difference.

What are terpenes?

Terpenes are botanical compounds in cannabis that affect its taste and aroma. There are also reasons to believe that terpenes influence the effect of hemp products by interacting with cannabinoids. This is called the “entourage effect.”

As an example, even if hemp strains have the same ratio of cannabinoids, you can get a very different aroma, taste, and effects from the CBD products based on the terpenes present in it.

Terpenes are found in a huge assortment of consumables, perfumes, and even cleaning solutions. That piney aroma from PineSol? The lemon fresh scent in dish soap? Yes, those are terpenes.

Day vs. Night

To create the tincture oil Day, we use terpenes that reportedly help to concentrate, improve mood, and have a positive effect on our memory. Here are the basic terpenes that we use for Tincture Oil Day:

·         Limonene & pinene supposedly reduce stress and anxiety, improve focus

·         Beta-caryophyllene improves your mood and can be effective against anxiety

·         Pulegone presumably has a positive effect on memory

·         Terpinolene believed to have uplifting effects


To make CBD for bedtime we use terpenes that support relaxation, relieve insomnia, and facilitate a good sleep. Here are some of the terpenes that our chemists use to create Tincture Oil Night


·         Myrcene supposedly relaxes your muscles and works as a 100% organic sedative. Thanks to this terpene, you can increase quality and sleep duration

·         Linalool presumably has a relaxing and soothing effect


Of course, CBD Tincture Oil Day and Tincture Oil Night have much in common. However, thanks to the terpenes, we can satisfy all your needs and hit the target aptly. The devil is in the details, but this simply lays it out for you.



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