Welcome to anoTHErBOX website

Published: 16/07/2020
Welcome to anoTHErBOX website

Hello, beloved friends! We finally did it! We must be honest, it wasn't easy but finally, we did it! 

We are so thrilled to share our experience, knowledge, and love of CBD with you. AnoTHErBOX is the online place where you will always be welcomed to feed your curiosity. We want to ask you to bookmark this site, but not after we tell you what’s in it for you.

Why you should add our site to your bookmarks

We recommend regular visits to the "News" section. Here we will publish only the most important news of our company and the industry. All news on this page comes from our experience and knowledge. 

In the "Products" section you will find many useful details about our tincture oils and spray for food. Each product page has descriptions of its characteristics, composition, dosage, method of usage, and storage. 

Right away, we would like to serve you and let you know that we are actively working on extending our product range. Soon, our team of like-minded members plan to launch new CBD products to satisfy the needs of all our beloved friends. 

We dream that any person from any state, with any income level and lifestyle, can buy the best high-quality CBD products. So don't wait and add anotherbox.us to your bookmarks so you don't miss anything important.