CBD 101

Is CBD worth your consideration?

With virtually no psychoactive effects to speak of, you can go about your day without the interruptions brought about by the effects of THC. Over the last decade, breakthroughs in research and scientific inquiry have brought to light CBD’s positive qualities, benefits and vast potential as a possible remedy for a variety of issues. 

What exactly are CBD oils?

CBD is an extract of specific cannabis (hemp) varieties. It is a component of the cannabis plant that helps trigger or calm brain activity. Here, the oil or spray does not contain components that give you hallucinations or drug intoxication. The oil or spray doesn't make you either high or show external signs of drug use, which means you can have your breakfast and drive a car with no trouble. You will have the total control of the situation, and your brain will not be fogged. Even if you are stopped by police, they would never tell you're using a CBD oil or spray.

How often can I use CBD tinctures?

Every morning, if you have daytime tinctures, or every evening, if you have nighttime ones.

How many drops should I take at a time?

It depends on your experience. For beginners, two drops at a time are enough. This amount is sufficient for the CBD to take the desired effect. If you use medicine or alcohol often, it is advisable to increase the dosage - 3-4 drops would be just the right amount.

Do I need to spray more if I eat more than others?

No. The CBD amount your body gets is important, but if you are overweight, increase the dosage slightly. Instead of taking 2 standard sprays, take 3 if you weight over 100 kg (220 lbs) and 4 sprays if you weigh over 130 kg (285 lbs).

Can I refill the vial after I use it up?

No, the vials are disposable.

Can I use pet tinctures for myself?

Pet tinctures are safe for you to use. They contain no THC, thus, they have no effect on the human body. However, pets are highly susceptible to pure CBD, and for them it is an effective tool.

How much THC is there in your products?

It depends on a product, but none of them contain over 0.2% THC. This is the perfect dosage for the CBD to take effect on the body, but too small to make you high as is the case with smoking marijuana. Also, you will not have the distinctive hemp smell, and your pupils will not dilate or constrict.

What is CBD? Is it a drug?

CBD is just one of many cannabinoids. It has a calming effect on the nervous system. In various combinations with THC, it can have an invigorating effect on brain activity. However, CBD does not cause aggressive behavior, hallucinations or addiction.

Are your products good?

They sure are! We partner with certified professional chemists who produce CBDs in our up-to-date laboratory. After production, all products are submitted to tough quality tests.

What is the difference between CBD and medical cannabis?

Pure hemp contains an entire set of substances inherent to it. CBD and THC are among them. But their dose is not uniform, and once you buy it, you will not find another medical cannabis item with exactly the same chemical composition. Our CBD products always have the same composition of active ingredients, and you can rest assured that every purchase with us will have exactly the same effect on your body as all the previous ones.

Are your CBD oils psychoactive?

Nope, they are not.

Can I accidentally overdose on CBD?

There is no scientific proof that you can overdose on CBD. We always indicate the dosage of 2-3 drops, not because of an overdose risk, but for some other reason. This amount of substance is enough to achieve the desired effect. Thus, you can save CBD to go a long way with it.

Is there a period of time when I should use the CBD oil I bought?

In and of itself, CBD does not expire. But the substance is supplied with a carrier - oil or liquid. With time, the carrier can dissolve into component parts. As a result, it is advisable to follow the storage instructions strictly and not use the product after the expiration date is passed.

Can I use CBD while on other medications?

There is still insufficient research in this area. Please consult your Healthcare Professional before using CBD.

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