CBD Tincture Oil Pet, 1000 mg

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non GMO
Made in USA

About CBD Tincture Oils

CBD is a hemp compound that has no narcotic or psychoactive effect. 

The best hemp in the US is grown in sunny California thanks to its excellent climate. 

Making 100% organic, high-quality CBD oils requires modern equipment and top professionals in this field. 

AnotherBox has united the power of nature, people, and technology to bring you and your pets the highest quality CBD products in the USA.

All products that we produce are tested by an independent lab. To check test results please use the link above – Check lab test. QR code with the test result can be found on the package. 


The amount and frequency of Tincture Oil for Pets is unique to your animal. It depends on what kind of pet you have, its habits, behavior, and weight. 

We have a range of products with different concentrations for your pet: 150mg, 300mg, and 1000mg CBD.

Apply a few drops (0,25 ml, quarter of the pipette) of tincture oil into a pet's mouth or add it to their meal. We recommend starting with a small daily dose so that you can find the right dosage.

Types of Oil Tinctures

To create tincture oil for pets, we use broad-spectrum CBD - 0% THC

You can see the quality of our oils because we use transparent bottles (the lighter the color of the oil, the lower the concentration.)

Types of CBD oils:

  • Broad-spectrum CBD contains all natural cannabis compounds, but without THC

  • Full-spectrum CBD has all cannabis compounds including THC (By the US Law max up to 0.3%, for EU – 0,2%)

  • CBD isolate contains neither THC nor any other cannabis plant compounds except cannabidiol.

Storage Conditions 

Store the CBD oil for pets in a dry, cool place without direct sunlight. Keep out of reach of pets and children.

Due to the natural oxidation process exposure to sunlight may change the color of tincture oil. It will not affect the quality of the oil.