CBD Tincture Oil Day, 3000 mg

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non GMO
Made in USA

ABOUT CBD Tincture Oil

CBD (cannabidiol) is one of the most studied natural plant compounds on Earth. The research is so compelling that AnotherBox knows organic, high-quality CBD tincture oil will have a significant impact on improving your quality of life. 

Because quality is paramount, the source of our products come from sunny California. California has the perfect climate to grow the highest quality cannabis in the US. 

As a lifelong mission, AnotherBox brings together the best CBD experts so that we can provide you with high-quality CBD products. 

It's not just our daily work - it's our love for plant medicine that we share with you.

AnotherBox constantly invests in cutting-edge equipment used hand-in-hand by a top team of hemp cultivation professionals. This translates into CBD products that contain only the best ingredients through painstaking care. You get 100% organic CBD that supports your holistic healing approach.

AnotherBox tincture oils are made from 95% Raw Broad Spectrum CBD oil and 0.2% THC (tetrahydrocannabinol.) 

This ratio ensures that you get the right effect from using our Full Spectrum CBD oil products. 

All products are tested by an independent certified laboratory before being shipped to customers.

Why this is a DAY tincture

We formulate our daytime CBD to have the greatest impact on your activities while you are awake. The key is to introduce specific botanical compounds called terpenes which have been shown to promote concentration and increase focus. 

Terpenes are a natural extract that are responsible for the aroma and flavor of cannabis. More importantly, terpenes influence the effects by interacting with cannabinoids such as CBD to create what is called the “entourage effect.” The belief is that multiple cannabis extracts interacting together create a greater overall benefit.

Types of oil tinctures

The composition of our oils is 100% organic, and made with top-quality ingredients. This means high-quality, broad-spectrum CBD + 0.2% THC + terpenes + MCT oil. 

There are 3 types of CBD oils:

  • Full-spectrum CBD has all cannabis compounds including THC (Maximum by US Law up to 0.3%, for EU – 0,2%)

  • Broad-spectrum CBD contains all natural cannabis compounds without THC

  • CBD isolate contains neither THC nor any other cannabis plant compounds except cannabidiol (CBD)

We use transparent bottles so that you can see the color of the CBD oil. This way you can appreciate its high quality. 

By giving you full visibility you can assess the CBD content of Tincture Oil Day (the higher the CBD content in the oil, the darker it is). 


The amount and frequency you use is unique to you. It depends on body weight, lifestyle, genetic characteristics, and other individual factors. 

We care about each passenger, so we have a product line with different concentrations from 600 to 6000 mg (600mg, 1000mg, 2000mg, 3000mg, 6000mg.)  

How to use our Tincture Oil

For the fastest results, apply the correct dose of tincture oil sublingually (under the tongue) and allow it to absorb for at least 1 minute. 

Although the recommended daily dose is 1 ml you can apply it a few times by 0,25 ml increments. This is how you can find the dose that is the “sweet spot” for your desired effect.  

Storage Conditions 

Store the CBD spray in a dry, cool place without direct sunlight. Keep out of reach of children.

Due to the natural oxidation process exposure to sunlight may change the color of tincture oil. It will not affect the quality of the oil.