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anoTHEr BOX is an experience that will show you the real benefits of adding CBD to your lifestyle. At anoTHEr BOX, we have passengers rather than clients, because that is what CBD is, a journey, from its creation to its consumption. 

Long before the US Congress passed the Farm Bill our team was researching and developing CBD solutions for you and your pets. Having been on this journey for over 10 years, our passion has yielded fantastic results. We would like to share these results with you. 

Our Journey (The Journey Behind Your Journey)

Our products’ journey spans the nation’s farmlands, multiple pharmaceutical grade processing facilities, and ends when our passengers experience the benefits.

This is a worldwide journey. We have passengers across North America, Asia and Europe. Through our vast network of experienced hemp farms track our product development from start to finish. 

Our rigorous procurement and operational procedures ensure the production of only the purest CBD-based products. While using our products you can feel confident that no additional additives or ingredients will bring you harm.

After our products have been created they are subject to the strictest quality control and testing prior to their release. If a single product does not meet our quality control standards we reject the entire batch. 

We do not risk compromising our integrity or tainting our passengers’ journey. 

Whether you are already a frequent CBD user, or you have yet to experience the world of CBD, our products have been manufactured to have a consistency that allows you to obtain the most from them. 

We deliver to the vast majority of the world. 

Visit our online store to order anoTHEr BOX and begin your journey!


Two easy steps

We care about the quality of our products. We have two main methods to ensure this high level of quality:

  • We hire professional certified chemists

  • Our laboratory is equipped with state-of-the-art technologies. We spare no expense. Many educational institutions wish they had the equipment our specialists have.

Before packaging, our product undergoes painstaking quality control. If we detect any deviation from our formula, the entire batch is rejected. 

We value our customers with high regard. Therefore our business reputation is built on delivering only high-quality products. You get exactly what you pay for - high-quality, safe, and competitive priced products.

The hemp strains we use are grown in environmentally friendly conditions. This means we get the highest quality products in the world. 

Another advantageous aspect is the economic value you get when you buy from us - and we do our best to keep it this way.

Broad market coverage

We have customers from all over the world. Our business owes its popularity to the benefits you get from our CBD products. 

If you want to buy the best CBD at a bargain price visit our online store and stock up on the products that will support your healing journey..

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